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MISAKO Aerial Hoop Workshop will be held

March 19, 2024

[Aerial Hoop Workshop will be held]

We will be holding an aerial hoop workshop with MISAKO, a circus performer currently performing at Theater010, a hot new spot in Fukuoka.

We have asked the teacher to make the lesson content accessible to those who are new to aerial hoops, so even beginners are welcome to join us.

☆Introduction to Aerial Hoop☆

Sunday, April 21, 2024

16:00-17:30 (90 mins)

Participation Fee: 8,800

After a lesson on how to spin the hoop beautifully and how to climb safely, you'll try connecting several movements in time with the music.

We will also try some more difficult techniques depending on your level.

*1 If you cancel after making a reservation, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

*2 Men can also attend this workshop.

[Profile of Teacher MISAKO]

Utilizing the physical abilities she developed as a rhythmic gymnast, she worked as a cheerleader and Avex dance performer in the United States before moving into the circus world.

He performs trapeze and aerial acts all over the world, including on cruise ships, in European circuses, and at theme parks.

They also received a Special Jury Award from Cirque Eloiźe at the American Circus Festival.

Appeared on TV in Taiwan: Zouyifei Changzan

He is active all over the world.

He is currently performing at Theater010.


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